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05 July 2021

How Safe is Chiropractic?

Numerous studies find that chiropractic is safe. See how Dr. Valente can help you improve your health with chiropractic care.

07 June 2021

New York Chiropractic Auto Injury Treatment

Dr. Valente is here to help you recover from an auto injury in New York. Call us today at (917) 338-7917.

07 May 2021

Beyond Chiropractic: Nutrition and Fitness

Dr. Valente talks with Christina Lombardi, a registered dietitian and functional nutritionist, about health trends, supplements, and more.

03 May 2021

Prevent Back Surgery with Chiropractic

New York Chiropractic Care by Dr. Valente. Chiropractic is a proven way to help you avoid back surgery. Call our office today at (917) 338-7917 for an...

05 April 2021

Lumbar Pain and the SI Joint

Dr. Valente is a chiropractor in New York who can help you with sacroiliac joint pain. Call our office today at (917) 338-7917.