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Sports Training and Chiropractic

Sports Training and Chiropractic: A Winning Combination

Midtown East, NY Chiropractic CareMost sports training programs involve eating healthy foods, exercising consistently, and participating in scheduled practice sessions. However, another important component of a winning sports training program involves engaging in regular chiropractic care—which is what I proudly provide my sports-enthused patients right in my Midtown New York chiropractic office. 

What makes sports training and chiropractic such a winning combination? The answer to this question is twofold in that chiropractic can help improve sports training performance as well as reduce your risk of sports training injuries.

Chiropractic and Improved Sports Training Performance

Research has found that chiropractic can help improve your sports training performance. For example, 43 golfers from Brazil participated in a study which was later published in Journal of Chiropractic Medicine. The individual golfers were split into two groups with the first group engaging in a stretching program and the second group receiving spinal manipulation in addition to the stretching. After four weeks, the group who received chiropractic and stretching showed an improvement in their full-swing performance. 

Chiropractic and Reduced Risk of Sports Training Injuries 

Research has also discovered that chiropractic can often help prevent certain sports related injuries. For instance, one study published in BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders found that, out of 59 semi-elite Australian Rules football players who participated in the study, those who engaged in chiropractic had fewer lower limb muscle strains and less time off the field due to non-contact knee injuries than the players who didn’t have chiropractic.

Add Chiropractic to Your Sports Training Program

Studies like these show that adding chiropractic to your sports training program can help ensure that you spend more time on the field or court, and less time sidelined due to an injury. Furthermore, it can also potentially enhance your sports performance, helping you become the stellar player you strive so hard to be.

To discover how we can help you with your sports training program, contact us today at (917) 338-7917 and schedule an appointment. Dr. Valente is your Midtown New York chiropractor dedicated to keeping you off the bench and in the game.

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