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Beyond Chiropractic: Healing Properties of Light Therapy

Nature and Science Intersect to Deliver Pain Relief

Chances are you've heard of red light therapy. Popularized everywhere from spas to gyms, this treatment method is gaining publicity everywhere.

Infrared therapy is notable in that it amplifies the body's ability to heal itself, bringing relief from pain, inflammation, and stress. Patients who experience chronic pain as well as patients with more acute injuries from high-impact sports and fitness all stand to benefit.

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Professional athletes and wellness experts have been touting red-light therapy (also called infrared therapy or photobiomodulation) because it can penetrate several centimeters through the skin, reaching soft tissue, muscle, nerves, and even bone.

The treatment is painless, and the magic happens on a cellular level within the mitochondria of the cells.

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How it works

When red light or near-infrared light is introduced to cells in the body, it stimulates their mitochondria, which are responsible for generating energy in the cells. This causes the cells to function more efficiently, to produce ATP (energy), and to reproduce more cells. In other words, healing. For example, in a study, fibroblasts, or the cells that make up soft tissue in the body, grew faster when exposed to red light than those in a control group that were not exposed to the red light.

What it fixes

Increasing cell growth has a few benefits. For one, cell repair leads to reduced inflammation, one of the most common causes of pain and stiffness in patients who come into our office for treatment. It also increases another blow, which is the aim at the beginning of any treatment in our office.

Red light therapy increases collagen production. Collagen helps provide structure in the body, cushioning spinal discs and ligaments and fending off against disc degeneration and chronic back pain.

Our office has relied on red light therapy to treat old injuries in patients, like those who have undergone rotator cuff surgery. It can also be beneficial after an intense workout at the gym, or any other strenuous activity.

What's the time commitment?

Minimal! Our office utilizes Fringe brand light wraps. We simply plug them in and wrap them around the affected area--your neck, shoulder, knee, or lower back. All you have to do is sit back and catch up on emails (or Z's!) and the lights work their magic.

We are proud to offer red light therapy in both our midtown Manhattan office and our Babylon office, so don't hesitate to text our office any questions you may have, or discuss red light therapy's benefits next time you're in to see Dr. Valente!

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March 09, 2023