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Beyond Chiropractic: Acupucture!

Acupuncture can offer serious pain-management solutions

We are excited to welcome Tatiana Poddoubnaia, Licensed Acupuncturist, into our Madison Avenue office! She will be available Tuesdays and Thursdays to offer pain management and personalized treatment plans. Email Rebecca for more information, or contact Dr. Poddoubnaia directly here

About Dr. Poddoubnaia: A native of Ukraine, and hailing from a family of doctors, Dr. Poddoubnaia has spent many years in apprenticeship, private tutoring, and constant study to master the complex art and science of Chinese medicine.

Her 16-year practice has a strong impact from her father, a neurologist, who has had successfully implemented and integrated Chinese medicine into his 50 years of medical practice, as well as Dr. Jeffrey Yuen, an internationally recognized scholar, teacher and specialist in classical Chinese medicine. 

With an emphasis on the school of medicine known as Extraordinary Vessels, Tatiana's treatment techniques include cupping, Gua sha, electro acupuncture, and many others. She is schooled in Chinese acupuncture, trigger point acupuncture, and auricular acupuncture. 

Dr. Poddoubnaia has known Dr. Valente for many years, and we encourage our patients to reach out and take advantage of this excellent pain management option!

What does acupuncture treat?

According to the National Institutes of Health, acupuncture can offer relief from pain and anxiety and may relieve symptoms of back pain, insomnia, headaches, ear, nose, and throat pain, and even nausea. It is recommended for both chronic and acute pain. Some patients even find acupuncture relieves the symptoms of seasonal allergies! If you are interested in the union of Eastern and Western styles of medicine, we recommend giving it a try.

How does it work?

Traditional Chinese medicine attributes acupuncture's healing properties to energy flow. The insertion of needles is said to allow energy that may have been blocked to flow through the body and return to a balanced state, improving physical well-being. 

The pressure points used in acupuncture often coincide with places on the body where nerves and muscles can be stimulated, leaving other medical professionals to speculate that acupuncture's technique stimulates the body to repair itself while increasing blood flow. Many western specialists agree that it's a form of treatment that activates the body's nervous system to block pain receptors.

Once the needles are inserted, they are either gently moved by the acupuncturist, or an electric current is sent through them. The needles used are always sterile, and treatment times vary depending on the patient's symptoms.


Does it hurt?

Acupuncture is minimally painful, has few to no side effects for a majority of patients, making it a safe treatment option for many. Patients can typically expect a slight pinch when the needles are inserted, and some pressure once the acupuncturist moves the needles. If the thought of needles scares you, don't fret. They're typically about as thin as a human hair.

What else should I know?

As with other manual therapy techniques, there is no single treatment for all patients. Once you discuss your health concerns with Dr. Poddoubnaia, she can outline a treatment plan that best suits your needs and concerns. Many patients claim that acupuncture leaves them feeling relaxed. Some say it makes them more energized throughout the day after a few sessions. Like chiropractic and other manual treatment options, acupuncture is not a cure, but can provide serious results if used alongside other methods of pain management. Regardless of what aches or health complications you are dealing with, acupuncture might be a helpful step in your treatment plan!

August 20, 2021